Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maybe Tebow Didn’t Lose.

In the game against the New England Patriots it could be argued that Tim Tebow didn’t lose. After all, it was the Bronco’s defense that allowed 45 points. Okay, so Tebow and the Denver offense fell 36 points shy of a win…although, maybe it wasn’t Tebow who lost in the grander scale of things.
Tebow’s celebrity has inspired many discussions about the promotion of one’s faith and other talks that turned an ugly eye toward the topic of personal beliefs. Did Tebow buy time on national TV, write an editorial or run for public office to make it happen? Nope. He didn’t have to. Simply being man enough to profess his faith, display it publicly and turn his other cheek to his critics was enough. Tebowing was scoffed at by media members and emulated by high-school students.  Genuflecting became louder than words.  I have to imagine that it has turned more than a few hearts to examine their faith (or lack thereof).
Tim Tebow never knelt on the sideline praying for a touchdown or in the end zone asking the Almighty for a win. It was the act of a man thanking God for his skills and talents and his ability to do what he does on and off the field. But he’s caught a lot of crap for it.  MLB players regularly bless themselves when entering the batter’s box or point to the heavens when rounding the bases. Nobody ever accuses them of injecting religion into sports. Nobody even raises an eyebrow.  I say...ease off on Tebow.
Tebow became the whipping boy, and took the virtual sack from atheists, Tebow haters and the like. Hmmm… Tebow detesters spewing so much hate toward someone who makes a better role model (in many ways beyond professing his faith)… than those disgorging the vitriol? Go figure.
Tim Tebow has reached into areas of people’s personal lives that usually aren’t discussed much publicly. In a recent Facebook discussion (relating to Tebow) among friends, inevitably the topic of abortion arose. A result of the discussion was one participant offering a link to  Rachel’s Vineyard is an international organization that helps people in a non-judgmental way in their struggle with feelings of grief and shame following an abortion.  That link was passed along to a pastoral care provider as a resource for someone who may find themselves in that position.  Who knows, in the not too distant future, a person who made a choice that they cannot live with may find the power of forgiveness and healing through this chain of events. You see, Tim Tebow never threw a pass, scrambled in an option play or scored a touchdown to make that happen. One day, just by being himself, perhaps Tim will change someone's heart when they are faced with a choice.
I’m sure I may catch some crap for this blog. It’s okay…I’ll just take a knee.

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